Resources on Gaza Ceasefire Flyer

"Israel's Choice: Cease-fire Now or Dead Hostages Later" by former Israeli PM Ehud Olmert, Haaretz, 12-22-23

Former US Ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk: "Hamas is bruised but will not be defeated" 12-22-23

Human Rights Watch: "Israel: Starvation Used as a Weapon of War in Gaza" 12-18-23

Chief execs of CARE, Mercy Corps, Norwegian Refugee Council, Oxfam, Refugees Intl, Save the Children, "We've Seen Nothing Like the Siege of Gaza

Israel seeks to dismantle UNRWA with no evidence

ICJ rules that South Africa's allegations of Israeli acts of genocide are "plausible"

List of 66 Members of Congress who have called for a Ceasefire as of 01-24-24

35 Israeli organizations call for an immediate Ceasefire in Gaza and
compliance with the ICJ order for Israel to facilitate humanitarian aid

UNICEF exec director Catherine Russell: "The Unimaginable Suffering of Gaza's Children"

EUROMED statistics on Israeli attack on Gaza Oct 7 2023 to Feb 23 2023


Hillary and Bernie -- A Dialogue

Transcripts: Bernie and Hillary Debate 04-14-16

Rally Ricalton Square Maplewood Sept 10 6:30 pm

MoveOn Posters for Diplomacy Not War / No War with Iran

Photo and Map of One Gateway Center

MoveOn Rally 8-26 Information

Critique of Sen Schumer's Statement Against Iran Deal

Exchange with Senator Menendez on Iran Nuclear Negotiations

Photos of Vigil against War on Syria, Sept 9, 2013

News-Record Article on Rallies Against Syrian Bombing

Poster Jpeg

J Street Meeting at Library May 1, 2013

Flyer for May 1, 2013 Meeting JPEG

Transcript of Chuck Hagel's Senate Confirmation Hearing, January 31, 2013

Robert Naiman article on Chuck Hagel confirmation hearing

NJ Star Ledger Endorses Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense

Presidential Peace Voter Guide 2012

Peace Voter Guide on PDF

Media pro-war bias exposed.

Israeli-Palestinian Peace Film Series

Videos of J Street Conference Feb 26-28

Martin Luther King -- Four Speeches on Peace

Letter of Afghanistan Experts to Pres Obama 12-10

Afghanistan-Pakistan Annual Review 12-16-10

A Citizens' Proposal for Peace in Afghanistan
by SMPA chair Paul Surovell

Cost of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Memorial Day 2010 Speech by
Maplewood Mayor Vic De Luca

Video Part-1
Israeli-Palestinian Peace Forum 3-24-10

Video Part-2
Israeli-Palestinian Peace 3-24-10

Transcript of March 24, 2010 Forum
"Israeli-Palestinian Peace"

Six Bogus Excuses for E Jerusalem Settlement Expansion

Statements by Obama, Clinton, Netanyahu and Abbas on the Two-State Solution

Statements on the Two-State Solution by:

President Obama
Secretary of State Clinton
Prime Minister Netanyahu
President Abbas

Flyer for Israeli-Palestinian Peace Forum 3-24-10

Articles by Ori Nir and Hussein Ibish and Statements by President Obama

Obama's Cairo Speech 6-4-09

Obama Speech on Nuclear Disarmament 4-5-09

The Mitchell Report on Israel-Palestine 4-30-01

House Res 34 / Senate Res 10 on Gaza Jan 8-9 2009

Presidential Voter Guide on War and Peace

photo2 obama mccain.jpg

Prepared by South Mountain Peace Action

Print a PDF version of the Voter Guide:
(prints color or black and white)

Download file

Contact The President and Congress

Scott Horton calls for Commission to Investigate Torture During Bush Admin

US-Iraq Status of Forces (SOFA) Agreement

Op-Ed "Be About Peace Day unites two towns in peace"

South Mountain Peace Action launches two petitions
on Be About Peace Day, March 29, 2008

Maplewood and South Orange Proclamations Declare March 29, 2008 Be About Peace Day

Status Report: Our Peace Agenda

Key Votes on Iraq War from 10-10-02

Pres Bush Signing Statement 01-28-08 for HR 4986 and
Texts of Affected Sections: 841, 846, 1079 and 1222

Section 1083 in HR 1585 as Amended in HR 4986 to Comply with Presidential Veto

House Debate on HR 4986 Defense Authorization Act 2008

Ron Paul on Meet the Press 12-23-07

Ron Paul on the Jay Leno Show 1-7-08

Ron Paul in Republican Presidential Debate in NH 1-5-08

Ron Paul Interview with Bill Moyers 1-4-08

Contact Info for Reid, Pelosi, Payne, Pascrell, Lautenberg and Menendez

Documents Presented to Senators Lautenberg and Menendez by Maplewood-South Orange Delegation on September 26, 2007

South Mountain Peace Action Receives Two Awards

H.R.2206 House Iraq Supplemental-2 / 5-10-07

HR 2237 McGovern Amendment to Withdraw from Iraq

HR 1591 Iraq Accountability Act Passed 3-23-07

Rep. Woolsey Bill HR 508 to Withdraw from Iraq 1-27-07

Cost of Iraq War Studies by Dan O'Flaherty

Star-Ledger 03-23-07 / Be About Peace Day

South Orange Proclamation 2-22-07

Maplewood Resolution and Proclamation 01-16-07

Rep Nadler Bill to Protect Troops / Withdraw Troops

Defense Dept Directive 1325.6 "Guidelines for Handling Dissent and Protest Activities Among Members of the Armed Forces"

Sen Kerry SJ Res. 33 To Empower New Iraq Unity Govt / 04-06-06

Rep Woolsey HR 4898 Common Sense Budget Act of 06 / 03-08-06

Initiative for Peace in Iraq by South Mountain Peace Action and Families of the Fallen for Change

Presentations at February 8, 2006 Forum

List of Iraq Withdrawal Proposals
and Administration Strategy 2005-2006

US Conference of Catholic Bishops: Responsible Transition in Iraq

Methodist Council of Bishops Resolution on War in Iraq

Time/ABC News Poll of Iraqis / 12-12-05

Families of the Fallen for Change Iraq Exit Proposal

CodePink: Women's Call For Peace

Articles on SMPA and Israel-Palestine

Pres Bush Address to Nation on Iraq / 12-18-05

Rep Kucinich H Con Res 321: Iraq Govt Debate US Occupation / 12-16-05

Rep Henry Hyde Res on Victory in Iraq H Res 612 / 12-16-05

Letter to Pres Bush from 41 Democratic Senators on Iraq / 12-14-05

Pres Bush: National Strategy for Victory in Iraq / 11-30-05

Rep Hunter Res Immediate Withdrawal Iraq H Res 571 / 11-18-05

Rep John Murtha's Resolution on Iraq HJ Res 73 / 11-18-05

Rep John Murtha's Speech on Iraq / 11-18-05

British MoD Iraq Poll Cited by Rep Murtha

DoD Survey of Iraqi Views on Occupation, Terrorism / 08/09/05

Sen Warner Amendment 2518 to DoD Reauthorization Bill 11-15-05

Sen Levin Amendment 2519 to DoD Reauthorization Bill 11-15-05

Rep. Lynn Woolsey Letter to Pres. Bush 11-10-05

Rep McGovern End the War in Iraq Act HR 4232 / 11-04-05

Rep David Price Statement on Iraq War

Reps Price-Miller HJ Res 70 on Withdrawal from Iraq / 10-25-05

Letter to Pres Bush from 39 Senators Asks Questions about Iraq / 10-04-05

Rep Kucinich Department of Peace Bill / HR 3760 / 9-15-05

Rep Lee H Res 375 Information Request on US-British Communications on Iraq / 07-21-05

Rep Allen Iraq Sovereignty Promotion Act / HR 3142 / 06-30-05

Rep Lee Resolution on US Bases in Iraq / H CON RES 197/ 06-30-05

Rep Skelton H Con Res 184 on Success in Iraq / 06-22-05

Reps Abercrombie-Jones HJ Res 55 Homeward Bound / 06-16-05

Discharge Petition on HJ Res 55 / 11-14-05

Sen Feingold Proposal US Out of Iraq by End of 2006 / 08-18-05

Sen Feingold Resolution S 171
On Timeframe for Withdrawal from Iraq / 06-14-05

Rep Woolsey Amendment to Defense Authorization / 05-25-05

Rep Honda HR 551 / Student Privacy (Opt-In) Protection Act / 02/02/05

Sen Edward Kennedy Speech on Iraq / 01-27-05

Senator Edward M. Kennedy Addresses America's Future in Iraq

Rep Woolsey Resolution H Con Res 35 / 01-26-05

Joint Resolution to Use US Military Forces Against Iraq / 10-16-02

American Task Force on Palestine: 6 Principles

Plan For Peace by Peace Now (Israel) 10-05

Columbia High School Opt-Out Form Sept 2005

To see a scanned version of the CHS form continue reading.

Petition on Darfur

AFL-CIO Resolution on Iraq / 07-26-05

Washington Post / ABC Poll on Iraq / 06-25-05 -- Part 1

Washington Post / ABC Poll on Iraq / 06-25-05 -- Part 2

Washington Post / ABC Poll on Iraq / 06-25-05 -- Part 3

H Con Res 467 Declaring Genocide in Darfur / 07-22-04

Speech by Pres Bush on War in Iraq / 06-29-05

Department of Peace Bill / 04-08-03

SMPA Petition on Iraq

Solomon Amendment

Section 9528 of No Child Left Behind Act

Johns Hopkins Study of Iraqi Civilian Deaths

Click here for the press release by the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

United States Constitution


(See Note 1)

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union

UN Resolutions on Iraq 1990-2002 (BBC)

Click here for BBC's list of UN Resolutions.

US Space Command - Vision 2020 - Military Dominance Through Space Weapons

The US Space Command's vision statement of US military dominance on earth through a system of space weapons.

UN Charter

Click for United Nations Charter

UN Charter Chapter 7: Action with respect to threats to the peace



Sen Byrd Speech: Job Well Done: Start to Come Home / 11-18-05

Sen Byrd Speech -- Rice Nomination / 01-25-05

Sen Byrd Speech -- Thanksgiving / 11-19-04

Sen Byrd Speech -- People Deserve the Truth / 09-30-04

Sen Byrd Speech -- Finding True Path to Peace in Middle East / 06-24-04

Sen Byrd Speech -- President Owes Answers on Iraq / 04-21-04

Sen Byrd Speech -- An Exit Door from Iraq / 04-07-04

Sen Byrd Speech -- America Needs Commission to Investigate Manipulation of War Intell / 03-03-04

Sen Byrd Speech -- Terrible Precedents in Omnibus Bill / 01-21-04

Sen Byrd Speech -- High Price for a Hollow Victory / 11-03-03

Sen Byrd Speech -- Emperor Has No Clothes / 10-17-03

Sen Byrd Speech -- Get US Out and UN In / 10-16-03

Sen Byrd Speech -- Follow the Money / 10-15-03

Sen Byrd Speech -- Fundamental Flaws in Bush Plan for Iraq / 10-01-03

Sen Byrd Speech -- $87 billion for Iraq in Context 09-29-03

Sen Byrd Speech -- White House Still Has No Plan for Iraq / 09-21-04

Sen Byrd Speech -- Losing Dollars and Sense in Iraq /09-17-03

Sen Byrd Speech -- Death of Independent Voices in Media / 09-15-03

Sen Byrd Speech -- Growing Cost of Intl Arrogance / 09-05-03

Sen Byrd Speech -- Regain Focus on War on Terrorism / 09-10-03

Sen Byrd Speech - Need Help for US Troops / 09-02-03

Sen Byrd Speech -- Budget Deficits / 07-31-03

Sen Byrd Speech -- Budgeting for Long-Term Occupation of Iraq / 07-17-03

Sen Byrd Speech -- Intl Assistance / 07-10-03

Sen Byrd Speech -- Road to Coverup is Road to Ruin / 06-24-03

Sen Byrd Speech -- Where are the Iraqi Weapons? / 06-05-03

Sen Byrd Speech -- Smarter More Efficient Defense / 05-22-03

Sen Byrd Speech -- The Truth Will Emerge / 05-21-03

Sen Byrd Speech -- Military as a Prop in Pres Politics / 05-06-03

Sen Byrd Speech -- Sham of Federal Budget Resolution / 04-11-03

Sen Byrd Speech -- High Price of Reconstructing Iraq / 03-13-03

Sen Byrd Speech -- Budget for the Cost of War / 03-18-03

Sen Byrd Speech -- The Arrogance of Power / 03-19-03

Sen Byrd Speech -- America the Warmonger / 03-11-03

Sen Byrd Speech -- America Unguarded / 02-11-03

Resources for Sept 26th Meeting -- Letter

Resources for Sept 26th Meeting -- BBC-ABC Poll in Iraq

Resources for Sept 26th Meeting -- ABC Survey in Anbar Province

Resources for Sept 26th Meeting -- Cost of War in Iraq

Resources for Sept 26th Meeting -- Amendments to Defense Authorization bill

Directions to Woman's Club of Maplewood


Photos for Feb 8th Forum

Directions to Maplewood LIbrary

Directions to St. George's Church Fellowship Hall

Maplewood TC Iraq Resolution 2-18-03


Draft: A Citizens' Proposal for Peace in Afghanistan

Point 1: Timetable for Withdrawal of US Troops

Point 2: A New Mission in Afghanistan

Point 3: Avoid Civilian Casualties, Minimize Military Casualties

Point 4: Press Pakistan to End the Safe Haven and Weapons Flow to the Taliban

Point 5: Negotiate With the Taliban but Require Acceptance of Human Rights, Especially for Women

How the US supported the rise of extreme Islamic groups
in Afghanistan, including Al Qaeda and the Taliban

US Goals in Afghanistan Similar to Soviets in 1980s

Origins of the Taliban

Taliban Violence: Murder, Mutilation and Terror

Taliban Decrees on Women and Culture in 1996.
Taliban Destruction of Buddha Monuments in 2001

Carnage and Treachery in Afghan Civil War 1997-98
Taliban Regroups After US Invades in 2001

Women Today in Taliban-Controlled Areas:
Human Rights Watch Report July 2010

Who Are the Taliban Today? Q&A with Gilles Dorronsoro

Opinion Polls of Afghans and Americans

US Casualties and Cost of the War in Afghanistan

Letter of Resignation of Captain Matthew Hoh

US Economic Assistance to Afghanistan

Statement on MoveOn Schumer Mobile

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