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A Town That's All About Peace
by Erin Hicks

It is a crisp Saturday morning in March. As you walk towards the library, you see people with neon peace signs on their faces and brightly colored T-shirts. At the library, you enter a large room full of talking, laughing people. There are stands and tables everywhere, and even a rock band playing. Find this strange? Well, if you live in Maplewood, New Jersey you wouldn't.

SMPA Statement on Military
Recruitment at CHS

CHS Amnesty International Club Launches
Human Rights Film Festival

The Columbia HS Amnesty International Club will launch its monthly Human Rights Film Festival at the Ethical Culture Society, 516 Prospect Street in

Procedures to opt out of DoD database

"Leave My Child Alone" group, including Working Assets, Acorn and Mainstream Moms Operation Blue, has outlined steps parents can take to opt their children out of the Pentagon's recruitment database. Young people between 18 and 25 can take the same steps themselves.

Click here for the opt-out steps.

Here are some excerpts from "Leave My Child Alone's" website:

Review of CHS ACLU Chapter 2004-05

scales of justice2.jpg

Review of CHS ACLU Chapter 2004-05
by Rebecca Wener, outgoing chapter co-president

The Columbia High School ACLU chapter worked hard
during this past year to create different kinds of
events about important civil rights issues, which

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