Act for Change: A Working Assets (see below) progressive-action website.

Africa Action: Supports African struggles for peace and development. Group urging Congressional investigation of Downing Street Memo.

American Task Force on Palestine: American-Palestinian website that advocates a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Americans for Peace Now: The US branch of the Israeli mainstream peace movement, Peace Now.

American Friends Service Committee's Peace Page.

BBC: British Broadcasting Corporation.

Senator Robert Byrd's website: Numerous speeches against the war in Iraq.

Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation: Data and analysis on Iraq and Iran, as well as nuclear issues.

Cities for Progress: Initiatives by cities for peace and other progressive goals.

Coalition for Peace Action: Princeton-based Peace Action parent organization for Southern New Jersey.

Code Pink: Creative women's organization for peace.

Common Dreams: Daily digest of key news stories on peace and justice. Includes extensive list of sources.

Common Dreams Newswire: Press releases of peace and justice organizations. Directory of all elected officials in US.

Council for a Livable World: Scientists for the abolition of all weapons of mass destruction.

Counterpunch: A US weekly alternative newsletter edited by Alexander Cockburn.

Democracy Now! Independent radio and TV news magazine with Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez.

Department of Peace Campaign. Website of national campaign for Department of Peace legislation introduced by Rep. Dennis Kucinich.

Economists for Peace and Security. Excellent site for economics of war and peace.

FAIR: Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting. The pre-eminent source on major media bias and distortion.

Families of the Fallen for Change: Group formed by parents of fallen Marine from South Orange, NJ, Augie Schroeder, seeking a bipartisan solution to end the war in Iraq.

Friends Committee on National Legislation: Quaker peace lobby website.

Global Security: Military information that includes updates on US casualties in Iraq.

Google News: Up-to-the-minute news from 4,000 sources.

Gold Star Families for Peace: Families of soldiers killed in Iraq founded by Cindy Sheehan.

The Guardian: British leftist daily.

House of Representatives Office of the Clerk: Good site for vote roll calls.

The Independent: British daily true to its title.

Institute for Policy Studies: Progressive think tank in DC

International ANSWER Coalition: Major antiwar coalition.

Iraq Casualty Count

Iraq Index: Brookings Institution database on Iraq occupation. In PDF files.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich website: Antiwar Congressman's website.

Maplewood Online: Discussion board of Maplewood and South Orange residents. Discussions and debates on war and peace. Go to "Message Board-Soapbox-All Politics" Military facts and figures

Military Families Speak Out: Families of GIs in Iraq against the war.

MoveOn: Internet-based progressive, antiwar action organization

The Nation: Long-established US weekly journal on the left.

The National Priorities Project: Economic statistics on the impact of war and military budgets on the US economy.

New Jersey Peace Action: Our parent organization's website.

New York Times

Peace Action (Washington DC): National office of Peace Action.

Polling Report: Excellent source for opinion polls on Iraq, Iran and other issues.

Progressive Democrats of America: Group within Democratic Party with antiwar agenda

Senate Website: Good for roll call votes.

Thomas: Official website of House and Senate. All Congressional bills, speeches and votes. Roll Call Votes Antiwar blog. Daily report of key stories on war and peace.

Traprock Peace Center: Data base of peace news with emphasis on antiwar views among military personnel.

True Majority: Progressive organization founded by Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream founder, Ben Cohen.

Truthout: Daily report of key stories on war and peace.

United for Peace & Justice: National coalition of peace organizations.

Veterans for Peace: National organization of US veterans.

Win Without War: A mainstream approach to peace.

Working Assets: Website of Working Assets activist credit card, phone service organization.

ZMag: A broad-based website featuring radical alternatives to current policies.

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