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List of Iraq Withdrawal Proposals
and Administration Strategy 2005-2006


Group 1: President's "Victory Strategy"

President Bush: "National Strategy for Victory"

President Bush: "Speech to Nation 12-18-05"

Rep. Henry Hyde: H Res 612 EH / House of Reps committed to victory (passed)

12-14-05 Letter by 41 Senators asks President for benchmarks

Group 2: Faster Transition to Iraqi Sovereignty.

Sen. John Warner: Senate Amendment 2518: United States Policy on Iraq (passed)

Compare with Sen. Carl Levin Amendment 2519 (failed)

Key differences between Levin and Warner:


(4) United States military forces should not stay in Iraq indefinitely and the people of Iraq should be so advised;

(7) A campaign plan with estimated dates for the phased redeployment of the United States Armed Forces from Iraq as each condition is met, with the understanding that unexpected contingencies may arise.


(4) United States military forces should not stay in Iraq any longer than required and the people of Iraq should be so advised;

No #7

Group 3: Timetable for Withdrawal

Reps. Neil Abercrombie and Walter Jones: HJ Res 55: Homeward Bound Resolution

Sen Russell Feingold: Sen Res 171

Follow-up Feingold statement on withdrawal in 2006 (not in resolution)


Group 4: International Solution

Rep. Lynn Woolsey: H Con Res 35

Follow-up Woolsey Letter to Bush Signed by 60 Reps.

Women's Call for Peace

SMPA Petition

Speech by Sen Edward Kennedy (Jan 05)


Group 5: Unconditional Withdrawal

Rep John Murtha: HJ Res 173

Rep Murtha Follow-up Speech

Reps. David Price and Brad Miller HJ Res 70 on withdrawal from Iraq

Statement by Rep Price. See also other items on his website

Rep Jim McGovern HR 4232 to prohibit funds to deploy US troops to Iraq

United For Peace & Justice Position


Group 6: Withdrawal Based on Benchmarks:

Families of the Fallen for Change



Sen John Kerry SJ Res 33 To Empower a New Unity Government in Iraq / 04-06-06

Rep Dennis Kucinich H Con Res 321 on Iraq Govt to decide US presence

Rep. Woolsey Amendment to Require President to submit plan for withdrawal (failed 300-128)

Rep Ike Skelton H Con Res 184 on faster transition and "milestones"

Rep Barbara Lee H Con Res 197 No Permanent Bases

Rep Tom Allen HR 3142 No Permanent Bases

Letter by 39 Senators on 10-04-05

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