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Rep David Price Statement on Iraq War

From Rep Price's website

War in Iraq

I had serious reservations about a preemptive war against Iraq. When the House debated this issue, I voted against giving the President open-ended authority to mount an invasion. I also helped author an alternative measure that would have authorized military backing for United Nations (UN) weapons inspections and enforcement actions but would have required the President to pursue a peaceful resolution to the conflict and to come back to Congress if he wished to undertake a unilateral invasion.

In the months after the invasion, I pressed for a larger international role in stabilizing and reconstructing Iraq, for greater accountability in the way funds are being expended, and for more transparent contracting processes. Our handling of the Iraq war has squandered the universal goodwill our country enjoyed after September 11th and has precipitated a meltdown in our international relations. Inhumane treatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere has further tarnished our standing in the world. I am also deeply concerned about the armament of our servicemen and servicewomen, and I know how critical it is that we support our troops in every possible way as they carry out their dangerous missions overseas.

Current information reinforces my view that it was a mistake to invade Iraq when and in the way we did, without reliable intelligence, appreciable support from allies, or a workable postwar plan. I believe we were bound to respond to the threat posed by the Iraqi regime, but that there were other ways to do so. I believe we must help the country get on its feet economically and politically and move quickly to share these burdens with allies and international organizations.

This fall, I introduced a resolution with Congressman Brad Miller, directing the President to submit a detailed plan to Congress for ending the occupation of that country, including a near-term initial drawdown of US troops. Like measures that have been taken up by the US Senate, the Price-Miller bill would require the President to accelerate the training of Iraqi security forces and submit a detailed plan to Congress on the remaining goals of the United States mission and the means for achieving them.

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