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CodePink: Women's Call For Peace

Women's Call for Peace: An Urgent Appeal

We, the women of the United States, Iraq and women worldwide, have had enough of the senseless war in Iraq and the cruel attacks on civilians around the world. We've buried too many of our loved ones. We've seen too many lives crippled forever by physical and mental wounds. We've watched in horror as our precious resources are poured into war while our families' basic needs of food, shelter, education and healthcare go unmet. We've had enough of living in constant fear of violence and seeing the growing cancer of hatred and intolerance seep into our homes and communities.

This is not the world we want for ourselves or our children. With fire in our bellies and love in our hearts, we women are rising up - across borders - to unite and demand an end to the bloodshed and the destruction.

We have seen how the foreign occupation of Iraq has fueled an armed movement against it, perpetuating an endless cycle of violence. We are convinced that it is time to shift from a military model to a conflict-resolution model that includes the following elements:

- The withdrawal of all foreign troops and foreign fighters from Iraq;
- Negotiations to reincorporate disenfranchised Iraqis into all aspects of Iraqi society;
- The full representation of women in the peacemaking process and a commitment to women's full equality in the post-war Iraq;
- A commitment to discard plans for any foreign bases in Iraq;
- Iraqi control of its oil and other resources;
- The nullification of privatization and deregulation laws imposed under occupation, allowing Iraqis to shape the trajectory of the post-war economy;
- A massive reconstruction effort that prioritizes Iraqi contractors, and draws upon financial resources of the countries responsible for the invasion and occupation of Iraq;
- Consideration of a temporary international peacekeeping force that is truly multilateral and is not composed of any troops from countries that participated in the occupation.

To move this peace process forward, we are creating a massive movement of women - crossing generations, races, ethnicities, religions, borders and political persuasions. Together, we will pressure our governments, the United Nations, the Arab League, Nobel Peace Prize winners, religious leaders and others in the international community to step forward to help negotiate a political settlement. And in this era of divisive fundamentalisms, we call upon world leaders to join us in spreading the fundamental values of love for the human family and for our precious planet.

Signers (as of 01-15-06):

Lina Abou Habib, President, Collective for Research and Training on Development, Lebanon
Anbara Abu-Ayyash, Amman Center for Human Rights Studies, Jordan
Rev. Patricia Ackerman, Episcopal-Muslim Relations Committee
Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi, African Women's Development Fund, Ghana
Rana Al-Aiouby, humanitarian aid worker, Iraq
Nadje Al-Ali, Act Together: Women's Action for Iraq, U.K.*
Faisal Khadhir Al-Obaidy, Phoenix Rising, Iraq
Majeda Al-Saqqa, The Culture and Free Thoughts Association, Palestine*
Dr. Intisar Alobady, Al Yarmouk Hospital, Iraq*
Huwaida Arraf, Co-founder, International Solidarity Movement, Palestine
Claudia Asunsolo, Civil Society Network, Mexico
Asli Bali, Board Member, American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee*
Debi Barker, International Director, International Forum on Globalization
Maude Barlow, National Chairperson, The Council of Canadians, Canada
Ellen Barry, Founding Director, Legal Services for Prisoners with Children
Jennifer Baumgardner, writer and activist
Mary Ann Beavis, Head, Department of Religious Studies and Anthropology, St. Thomas More College
Maria Bello, actress
Medea Benjamin, Founding Director, Global Exchange
Phyllis Bennis, policy analyst, Institute for Policy Studies*
Sister Rosalie Bertell, Founder, International Institute of Concern for Public Health, Canada
Tania Bien-Aime, Executive Director, Equality Now
Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D., Millionth Circle Initiative
Theresa Bonpane, Executive Director, Office of the Americas
Marie Evans Bouclin, Coordinator, Women's Ordination Worldwide
Donna Bransford, Interim Executive Director, Changemakers
Rev. Dr. Rita Nakashima Brock, Director, Faith Voices for the Common Good
Adrienne Maree Brown, Director, League of Young Voters
Rev. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas, Grace Episcopal Church*
Charlotte Bunch, Executive Director, Center for Women's Global Leadership
Martha Burk, President, Center for Advancement of Public Policy
Linda Burnham, Executive Director, Women of Color Resource Center
Leslie Cagan, National Coordinator, United for Peace and Justice*
Helen Caldicott, M.D., Nobel Peace Prize winner
Mandy Carter, Board, National Black Justice Coalition
Susannah Cernojevich, Communications Director, Office of Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey
Tamara Chicunova, Chief-Coordinator, Mothers Against the Death Penalty and Torture, Uzbekistan
Sister Joan Chittister, author, co-chair, Global Peace Initiative of Women
Margaret Cho, Comedian
Sona Chuli-Kuli, journalist, Turkmenistan
Lindsey Collen, LALIT's Women's Commission, Mauritius
Jo Comerford, American Friends Service Committee*
Dr. M. Shawn Copeland, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology, Boston College*
Cindy Corrie, President, Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice
Allwyn D'Silva, Justice and Peace Commission, India
Libby Davies, Member of Parliament, Canada
Angela Davis, author
Nayla de Freige, Journalist and Manager, Orient Le Jour, Lebanon
Aya de Leon, performer and writer
Devon L. Davidson, Associate Director, PeaceBuilding Unit, American Friends Service Committee*
Dana Delany, actress
Marie Dennis, Director, Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns
Mercedes Cruz Diaz, Marcha Mundial de las Mujeres, Perú
Kelly Dougherty, Founding Member, Iraq Veterans Against the War
Marta Drury, Director, Heart and Hand Fund
Muriel Duckworth, Former President, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, Canada
Maia Duer, Director, Buddhist Peace Fellowship
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, author and activist
Felicia Eaves, Co-Vice Chair, Black Voices for Peace
Barbara Ehrenreich, author
Manal El-Mahdy, Chair, Teen Stuff magazine, Lebanon
Sherifa M. El Tabei, Director, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, American University, Egypt
Cynthia Enloe, author
Eve Ensler, playwright, founder of V-Day
Jodie Evans, Co-founder, CODEPINK: Women for Peace
Samina Faheem, Executive Director, American Muslim Voice
Nuri Fernández, Mexican Inititive Against War, Mexico
Sally Field, actress
Dr. Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza, Harvard University Divinity School*
Frances Fisher, actress
Laura Flanders, author and Air America Radio host
Patricia Foulkrod, Filmmaker, Ground Truth
Josefa Francisco, Executive Director, Women and Gender Institute, Philippines
Kim Gandy, President, National Organization for Women
Astrid Gateau, author, France
Rose Gentle, military mom, Stop the War Coalition, UK
Hebatallah S. Sh. Ghali, International Human Rights Laws, American University, Egypt
Garda Ghista, Founding Director, World Prout Assembly
Liz Rivera Goldstein, Co-Founder, Team Peace
Terry Greenblatt, Former Executive Director, Bat Shalom
Susan Griffin, author
Rosa Guillén, Grupo Género y Economía, Perú
Roma Guy, Nobel Peace Prize nominee, 1000 Women for Peace
Maren Haartje, Project Manager, 1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize
Talat Hamdani, Steering Committee, September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows*
Jennifer Harbury, human rights attorney, Unitarian Universalist Service Committee
Joyce Hardy, Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas
Rabia Terri Harris, Muslim Peace Fellowship
Aileen Clarke Hernandez, Chair, California Women's Agenda
Julia Butterfly Hill, author, activist, founder of Circle of Life
Arlie Hochschild, author
Dolores Huerta, Co-Founder, United Farmworkers
Mary E. Hunt, Co-Founder, Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual
Hana Ibrahim, Director, Women’s Will, Iraq
Zina Ibrahim, Iraqi Handicapped Network, Iraq*
Dr. Georgette Ioup, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee*
Yoshiko Isshiki, Ex-President, KYOFUKAI, Japan Christian Women's Organization, Japan
Rouane Itani, Media Consultant/Filmmaker
Pramila Jayapal, Founder and Executive Director, Hate Free Zone Washington
Leena Jayaswal, filmmaker
Manar Jibrin, Palestinian Rapprochement Center, Palestine
Dima Jweihan, Legal Consultant, Jordan
Kathy Kelly, Co-Founder, Voices for Creative Nonviolence
Mary Day Kent, Executive Director, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Joanna Kerr, Executive Director, Association for Women's Rights in Development
Mimi Kennedy, Chair, Progressive Democrats of America
Asma Khader, Human Rights Lawyer and Coordinator, Sisterhood is Global Institute, Jordan
Tima Khalil, Owner, Fantascope Productions, Lebanon
Nami Kim, Assistant Professor of Religion, Spelman College*
Lau Kin Chi, 1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize, China and Mongolia
Karen King, Harvard University Divinity School
Maxine Hong Kingston, author
Prof. Mehmet Hayri Kirbasoglu, Islamic Studies, Ankara University, Turkey
Frances Kissling, President, Catholics for A Free Choice
Naomi Klein, author
* Organization for identification purposes only.
Sonali Kolhatkar, Co-Director, Afghan Women's Mission
Melinda Kramer, Co-Director, Women's Global Green Action Network
Rajni Lallah, Secretary, Women’s Liberation Movement, Mauritius
Anne Lamott, author
Ann Lawrence, military mom, Stop the War Coalition, UK
Anath Lavi, Windows for Peace, Israel
Congresswoman Barbara Lee
Rev. Kristen J. Leslie, Yale Divinity School*
Nancy Lessin, Co-Founder, Military Families Speak Out*
Bridget Lew, President, Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics, Singapore
Zenaida T. Lim, Paz-Salam Peace Advocates, Philippines
Caroline Lucas, Member of the European Parliament, UK
Ishmukhamedova Lyazzat, Leader, Association of Women 'Moldir', Kazakhstan
Alice O. Hyman Lynch, Director, Black, Indian, Hispanic and Asian Women in Action
Bene E Madunagu, General Coordinator, Development Alternatives With Women for A New Era, Nigeria
Molly Murphy MacGregor, Executive Director, National Women's History Project*
Joanna Macy, author
Houzan Mahmoud, U.K. Head, Organization for Womens Freedom in Iraq, U.K.
Hadayai S. Majeed, Muslim Women Political Action Committee*
Shqipe Malushi, Acting Executive Director, Albanian American Women's Organization
Paola Manduca, World March of Women and Mediterranean Women’s Network, Italy
Rania Masri, writer and researcher, Lebanon
Eisha Mason, American Friends Service Committee*
Elizabeth Martinez, Chair, Institute for MultiRacial Justice
Mai Masri, Filmmaker and Director, Lebanon
Makiko Matsumoto, Asia-Japan Women's Resource Center, Japan
Ayesha Mattu, Board Member, Women's Funding Network
Rela Mazali, author & New Profile activist, Israel
Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney
Betty McLellan, Coalition for a Feminist Agenda, Australia
D. H. Melhem, Ph.D., poet
Maisa Mendonça, Social Network for Justice and Human Rights, Brazil
Anuradha Mittal, Executive Director, Oakland Institute
Viloyat Mirzoeva, National Project Manager, UNIFEM, Tajikistan*
Yanar Mohammed, President, Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq, Iraq
Natalia Molebatsi, poet, spoken word artist, South Africa
Mothers Acting Up
Gael Murphy, Co-Founder, CODEPINK: Women for Peace
Anne Firth Murray, Founding President, Global Fund for Women
Jumana Musa, international human rights lawyer
Holly Near, singer
Terry O'Neill, Executive Director, National Council of Women's Organizations*
Martha A. Ojeda, Executive Director, Coalition for Justice in the Maquiladoras
Manal Omar, Country Director, Women for Women International, Iraq*
Margo Okazawa-Rey, Women for Genuine Security*
Maysoon Pachachi, Filmmaker
Cynthia Parent, The Peace Alliance*
Rosalind Petchesky, Vice-Chair, Women’s Environment and Development Organization*
Marina Pikulina, Coordinator, 1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize, Uzbekistan
Vivienne Porzsolt, Jews against the Occupation, Sydney
Kavita Ramdas, President, Global Fund for Women
Elsa Rassbach, American Voices Abroad Military Project, Germany
Betty Reardon, Founder, International Institute on Peace Education
Rev. Meg A. Riley, Unitarian Universalist Association
Anita Roddick, Founder, The Body Shop
Virginia Rodino, U.S. Labor Against the War
Nancy Romer, Educators to Stop the War
Khadija Rouissi, human rights activist, Morocco
Simin Royanian, Women for Peace and Justice in Iran
Liliana Ruiz, Campesinos Poriajhú, Argentina
Claudia Samayoa, Human Rights National Movement, Guatemala
Anna Samson, Stop the War Coalition, Australia*
Baibonn Sangid, Chairperson, Young Moro Professionals Network, Philippines
Susan Sarandon, actress
Keiko Sassa, Center for Feminist Theology and Mission, Japan
Zeina Azzam Seikaly, Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, Georgetown University*
Susan Shaer, Executive Director, Women’s Action for New Directions
Stefa Shaler, Phoenix Rising, Iraq
Ritu Sharma, Co-Founder and President, Women's Edge Coalition*
Carolyn J. Sharp, Yale Divinity School*
Cindy Sheehan, military mom, Gold Star Families for Peace
Jillian Skeet, International Affairs Consultant, Canada
Alice Slater, Co-Founder, Abolition 2000
Lisa Smithline, Brave New Foundation
Rebecca Solnit, author
Starhawk, author
Gloria Steinem, author and feminist
Kama Steliga, Executive Director, Lillooet Friendship Centre Society
Jean Stokan, Policy Director, Pax Christi USA
Dr. Doris Strahm, feminist theologian, Switzerland
Jan Strout, Board, Jane Addams Peace Association*
Masuda Sultan, Program Director, Women for Afghan Women
Gila Svirsky, Co-Founder, Coalition of Women for Peace, Israel
Nancy Sylvester, President, Institute for Communal Contemplation and Dialogue
Karen Tanada, Director, GZO Peace Institute, Philippines
Octavia Taylor, US Country Coordinator, Follow the Women
Jasmina Tesanovic, Women in Black, Serbia
Sara Totonchi, Director of Public Policy, Southern Center for Human Rights
Emilie Townes, Professor of African-American Women and Theology, Yale Divinity School*
Sheila Triggs, UK President, Women in League for Peace and Freedom, UK
Mary Trotochaud, senior fellow, Friends Committee on National Legislation*
Hisako Ukita, White Ribbon for Peace Campaign, Japan
Nina Utne, Chair and CEO, Utne Magazine
Corazon Valdez-Fabros, Iraq Solidarity Campaign, Phillipines
Rebecca Vermot, Project Manager, 1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize
Amina Wadud, Professor of Islamic Studies, Virginia Commonwealth University
Alice Walker, author
Dahlia Wasfi, MD, Iraqi-American doctor
Cora Weiss, President, Hague Appeal for Peace*
Sharon Welch, Professor of Religious Studies, University of Missouri-Columbia*
Terry Tempest Williams, author
Diane Wilson, author and environmental activist
Patricia Willis, Resource Coordinator, Pacific Campaign for Disarmament & Security*
Theresa Wolfwood, Director, Barnard-Boecker Centre Foundation, Canada
Women Living Under Muslim Laws
Women Rise for Global Peace
Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey
World March of Women
Ann Wright, former U.S. Army Colonel and diplomat
Satoko Yamaguchi, Co-Director, Center for Feminist Theology and Ministry, Japan
Anne B. Yardley, Associate Academic Dean, Drew Theological School
Peg Yorkin, Chair and Co-Founder, Feminist Majority
June Zeitlin, Executive Director, Women's Environment and Development Organization
Naima Zitan, Director, Organisme, Morocco
Liesbeth Zonneveld, Director, Community, Habitat and Finance International, Yemen
Helen Zughaib, painter

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