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American Task Force on Palestine: 6 Principles

Despite decades of hostilities that have engulfed the region the frame-work of a comprehensive peace is in place. Through numerous attempts to broker peace between the Israelis and Palestinians by the international community, it is clear that there is an overwhelming international consensus for a resolution of the conflict.

ATFP advocates the following six principles towards a fair & lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:

1. Two sovereign states--Israel and Palestine--living side by side in peace and security based on the borders of June 4, 1967 with mutually agreed upon territorial adjustments.

2. An end to the Israeli occupation and the evacuation of all Israeli settlements, save for equitable arrangements mutually agreed upon by the negotiating parties.

3. A just solution for the Palestinian refugee problem, in accordance with international legality and the relevant UN resolutions.

4. A shared Jerusalem open to all faiths, serving as the capital of two states, providing for the fulfillment of the political aspirations of both the Palestinian and Israeli peoples.

5. Full acceptance of Israel by all Arab states, and normalized diplomatic and economic relations throughout the region.

6. A "Marshall Plan" style package of aid and investment for Palestine and the new Middle East.

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