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A Moment to Celebrate

On February 28, 2009, President Obama announced a timetable to bring home ALL American troops from Iraq in two stages: all combat troops by August 2010 and the remaining 35,000-50,000 troops by December 2011.

Many would prefer a faster timeline, and that is still a possibility, especially since lives continue to be lost and deployment through 2011 would cost America about $200 billion that we obviously need at home. But what is most important is that our country has taken the first step to end the war, and we have a national consensus to do so.

So let's take a moment to celebrate how far we've come since February 2003 when South Mountain Peace Action gathered 600 signatures in sub-zero weather urging the Maplewood Township Committee to oppose an invasion of Iraq, and let's renew our commitment to peaceful alternatives to war and excessive military spending so we can move forward toward a better world.

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