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South Mountain Peace Action launches two petitions
on Be About Peace Day, March 29, 2008

The first petition is based on the American Friends Service Committee petition on the cost of the war. The second is based on the NJ Peace Action petition on the NJ National Guard. The SMPA petitions will be submitted to Congress and to Governor Corzine with the AFSC and NJPA petitions.

Copy these petitions, paste them in an email, sign the email and send it to

Petition to Congress to
Invest in America
Not War in Iraq

Dear Member of Congress:

The war in Iraq has cost 4,000 American and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives. The war has cost America more than $500 billion in military spending and more than $1 trillion in total economic costs, according to Nobel Economics Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz.

We urge you to use your Constitutional authority to bring all of our troops home as soon as possible and to redirect our federal pending to America's communities and protecting the environment.

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Petition to Governor Jon Corzine:
Oppose Deployment of the
NJ National Guard to Iraq

Dear Governor Corzine:

Thank you for speaking out against the planned deployment of 3,000 New Jersey National Guard troops to Iraq.

We urge you now to take legal action to de-federalize the New Jersey National Guard to stop their deployment to Iraq.

At the same time, we urge you to speak out and urge Congress to assert its Constitutional authority to bring all troops home from Iraq as soon as possible.

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