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LA Times / Bloomberg Poll of Americans: 53% War Not Worth It

LA TIMES/BLOOMBERG POLL - Released January 26, 2006
Bush's Ratings Sink, but Trust Remains
By Ronald Brownstein, Times Staff Writer

National poll taken Jan. 22 - 25, 2006 - 1,555 adults


Q6: Do you approve or disapprove of the way George W. Bush is handling the situation in Iraq
41% approve
56% disapprove

Q7. Do you approve or disapprove of the way George W. Bush is handling the war on terrorism?
48% approve
49% disapprove

Q19. Would you say George W. Bush's policies on terrorism and national security have made the country more secure over the
past five years, or less secure, or have the president's policies not made a difference one way or the other?
52% more secure
21% less secure
25% no difference

Q38. Which statement comes closer to your view: "The United States has a responsibility to fight violations of international law and aggression around the world even without the cooperation of its allies," or "The United States should work only in a coordinated effort with its allies to fight violations of international law and aggression around the world"?
27% fight alone
63% fight with allies

Q46. All in all, do you think the situation in Iraq was worth going to war over, or not?
42% yes
53% no

Q47. Do you believe George W. Bush when he says that the U.S. military is making a lot of progress in making Iraq a safe,
democratic country, or do you not believe him?
45% believe him
50% do not believe him

Q48. Over the next year, do you expect the situation In Iraq will get better, get worse or remain about the same?
34% better
19% worse
44% same

Q49. Do you think the war in Iraq has stabilized the situation in Iraq, or do you think it has destabilized that country, or do you think it has not had an effect on the country's stability one way or the other?
36% stabilized
34% destabilized
24% no effect

Q50. So far, do you think the U.S. is winning the war in Iraq, or do you think the anti-U.S. insurgents in Iraq are winning the war, or is neither side winning the war in Iraq?
33% U.S. winning
7% insurgents winning
55% neither side winning

Q51. Do you think the United States should maintain a significant number of troops in Iraq for as long as it takes to secure and
stabilize the country, or do you think that the troops should come home in a set amount of time no matter what happens in Iraq? (IF SET AMOUNT OF TIME) How much longer should the U.S. maintain troops in Iraq?
56% set amount of time
14% get out now (volunteered)
22% less than a year
7% 1 - 2 years
2% Longer than 2 years
40% as long as it take

Q52. Do you think it is likely or unlikely that Iraq will be able to maintain a democratic government after the U.S. and its allies leave?
45% likely
44% unlikely

Q53. Do you think of the war with Iraq as part of the war against terrorism, or as separate from the war against terrorism?
51% part of the war
46% separate from the war

Q54. Do you think the image of the United States has been helped or hurt around the world by its involvement in Iraq, or has the United States' image not been affected one way or the other?
12% helped
65% hurt

Q55. Do you think terrorism around the world has increased or decreased because of the situation in Iraq, or has terrorism
around the world remained about the same?
32% increased
17% decreased
47% remained the same

Q56. If Iran continues to produce material that can be used to develop nuclear weapons, would you support or oppose the U.S. taking military action against Iran?
57% support
33% oppose

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