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Maplewood TC Iraq Resolution 2-18-03

Be It Resolved that the Township Committee of the Township of
Maplewood, New Jersey:

1. Recognizes the long and proud history of current and former
residents of Maplewood in defending our nation during times of war
and crisis;

2. Honors the bravery and sacrifice of the men and women now serving
in the United States armed forces;

3. Supports the full and effective disarmament of Iraq in accordance
with relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions;

4. Urges the President and Congress to refrain from war against Iraq,
except in cases of self-defense or in cases authorized by the United
Nations Security Council; and

5. Agrees to forward this resolution to President George W. Bush,
Senators Jon Corzine and Frank Lautenberg and Representative Donald


Passed by the Maplewood Township Committee by 3-2 vote on Tuesday, February 18, 2003.

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