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Scott Ritter Speaks at Maplewood Library March 1, 2005

Scott Ritter, former chief UN Weapons Inspector in Iraq, spoke at Maplewood Memorial Library on March 1, 2005, to a standing-room only crowd of more than 160 local residents. Scott emphasized his fundamental opposition to the US invasionSCOTT RITTER bright banne cropped.jpg

and occupation of Iraq, which he emphasized was based on a "rotten foundation" that could not succeed.'

Ritter stressed the fact that he is a political conservative, a "Reagan Republican" who believes that America must operate on the basis of the US Constitution and that the unilateral war against Iraq is a blatant violation of the Constitution's requirement that we honor international treaties, including the United Nations Charter.

Ritter told the crowd that he saw little likelihood that the three main factions in Iraq would reach agreement under the elections and governance structure taking place under US occupation. He noted the irony that despite the repeated failures of US policies in Iraq, Republicans continue to dominate the US political process, because the Democrats lack the courage or conviction to challenge those policies.

SCOTT RITTER ANNE BURNS bright reduced final.jpg

Ritter predicted that the Republicans would continue to dominate US politics for at least the next two presidential election cycles.

Half of the meeting was spent on questions and answers, but there was not nearly enough time to give every one a chance to speak. SMPA hopes to invite Scott Ritter back to Maplewood again in the future.



Wow, great meeting!

Just a quick note to say how valuable I thought this meeting was for the community. It's refreshing to hear somebody address the real problems we face as a country without resorting to the usual partisan banter. Ritter seemed balanced and thoughtful and evidenced an unusual ability to consider other opinions.

Keep it up!

Posted by: jmm at March 24, 2005 09:35 AM

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