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People at the Library (1) 3-19-05


This is a picture of Holly Scalera, dishing out a big serving of her famous lasagna. It wasn't taken at the Library on March 19th, because Holly was home in bed with a 102-degree fever that day.

Holly conceived and designed the peace memorial that was created at the Library and installed in the evening at the Ethical Culture Society.

Holly's husband Tomm, who runs Graphic Angels Design in South Orange, designed the Be About Peace Day poster and set up the logo for our Be About Peace T-shirts. Tomm also took most of the photos of March 19th that are on this website. Here's Tomm at the Library:

Tomm 01.jpg

00 crowd 2.jpg

Peggy and Kids.jpg

Catherine Dunn.jpg


Nora, Paul, Agnes.jpg


what a great picture of Holly, a wonderful poet, an involved peacenic and great friend (in spirit) diana

Posted by: diana at August 29, 2006 06:38 PM

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