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Statement on MoveOn Schumer Mobile

To Anna Galland, MoveOn director:

MoveOn should change its Schumer Mobile graphic and message.

The message says "Most Likely to Start a War." That implies that the other Senators featured on the billboard are "Likely to Start a War," just less likely than Schumer. That's a very confusing message.

A billboard should be simple with a clear message that the general public can understand. For example:

Chuck Schumer opposes the President's Iran nuclear deal. We need to replace him in 2016 with a Senator who supports peace and diplomacy.

Additionally, the graphic with the circle and arrow around Senator Menendez is very hard to read and figure out. It also requires prior knowledge to understand. It is not appropriate for the general public.

If Menendez is portrayed on the billboard, there must be an explanation of why. We cannot assume that the general public is following the Iran nuclear deal story. We must articulate the story to make sure they understand.

For the record, I gave a donation for the creation of the billboard.

Please change the billboard.

Paul Surovell
MoveOn member
Chair, South Mountain Peace Action
Maplewood NJ 07040

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